SEO Tricks That Even YOU Can Play With

Every Internet marketer should know how important search engine optimization is but not everyone is willing to take it head on especially if they already know other marketing methods that are essential in keeping the site flowing with traffic. Many marketing methods can stabilize your site traffic as long as you continuously work on them. But SEO is something that you need to work hard on for a while and once you finally do, you can take a break or concentrate on other marketing methods and still attract traffic from search engines. This makes SEO a lot more important than you think if you really want to increase your traffic exponentially. If you still feel intimidated with the ordinary SEO practices, you can try these SEO tricks which are designed for any kind of marketer.

Keyword Tool Usage

Selecting keywords counts as your first phase in getting down and dirty with SEO. This requires a bit of creativity and a lot of research if you want to come up with highly effective keywords. Using keyword tools is one of the best SEO tricks that are within reach if you have an Internet connection. If you do not know what a keyword tool is, check out the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and paste your site there. The keyword tool will work automatically by checking all of the text content on your page and detecting the frequency of common keyword phrases that it finds. In addition, the keyword tool will automatically execute search queries of these keywords to determine how popular each phrase is. It will also generate keyword phrases of its own based on the keywords that it finds on your site. The results serve as a nice overview of different keyword phrases along with their competitiveness so you can quickly choose which phrases you should focus on.

Header and Title Optimization

Now that you have some keywords to work with, you can try out other accessible tricks such as header and title optimization. If your site has headers and subheaders, this should be one of the easiest SEO tricks to try out. All you need to do is apply whatever keyword phrases you have chosen to headers and titles. You do not have to do it with all of your pages as it may lessen the appeal of your site. But if you optimize some of these pages, your pages should be better indexed.

Content Updating

Don’t throw away those keywords just yet because more SEO tricks can be applied like content updating which is like header and title optimization but it affects the body and details of your pages. Once again, you do not have to make a full revision especially if your content looks readable for visitors. Just implement some additional keyword phrases without ruining the thought of the article. From there, you can either add more content or share the content by uploading to article directories and adding links after them so you have more inbound links and better offsite optimization.