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What Is The Difference Between a Mobile Website and Responsive Design

The way websites work has changed dramatically in recent years to include different platforms and browsers. For example, a mobile phone user doesn’t view websites the same way as someone using a laptop. Mobile websites are optimized to load faster by including limited content, fewer graphics. Basically, a mobile website acts as a skimmed down […]

How QR Codes and Mobile Websites Work Together

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode, that when scanned by QR scanners, smartphones, and certain cameras, will provide information about a particular product or service. In addition to a plethora of product packages, QR codes are seen quite frequently on business cards, restaurant menus, brochures, mail advertisements, flyers, and more. It’s basically a simple […]

Staggering Mobile Consumer Usage Statistics

As more and more people use smartphones and other mobile devices, the frequency of making purchases and finding new businesses via mobile Internet has increased significantly. If this trend continues, which professionals affirm will, we can expect more people to search the web on their mobile devices than desktop computers by 2015. As of 2013, […]

What You Can Expect With a Mobile Website

With the increase of mobile web use, whether it is via smartphones or portable tablets, many companies have created mobile websites to ensure that consumers can view their business information easily and quickly. There are many benefits to having a mobile website for your own local business. Consider the following: The Consumer Viewing Experience Consumers […]

Why Every Business Needs a Mobile Website

By 2015, experts suggest that more people will use mobile and other portable devices to go online more than laptops and desktop computers. There are already millions of consumers who rely on mobile Internet access to research new products, locate new businesses, and purchase new products and services. In this day and age, it’s imperative […]

SEO Tricks That Even YOU Can Play With

Every Internet marketer should know how important search engine optimization is but not everyone is willing to take it head on especially if they already know other marketing methods that are essential in keeping the site flowing with traffic. Many marketing methods can stabilize your site traffic as long as you continuously work on them. […]