Who is WEBENGi?

WEBENGi was born out of the need for proven processes to be part of web development. Too many companies have horrid organization and planning abilities. Customers don’t know what they are getting until the project is done. And then time and money is lost making changes to correct the project to finally meet what the customer originally wanted.

Many web development firms also mask the lack of overall quality of their products by making sure the clients never see the ugly inefficient code that is written for them. Projects end up getting rushed the at last minute; so quick bad code is hacked together for clients. Then the potential for future errors and defects are extremely high.


We always strive to improve our development/design/business processes to improve the efficiency and quality of all future projects. Majority of all companies do not take time out of their own schedule for their own self improvement. This means that we care how good of a job we do for you.

We always involve ourselves with the latest ideas and technology to give the edge to every client we work with; the newest web technologies. Utilize the latest techniques for getting the search engines to recognize your site and accelerate your rankings. Then drive multiple sources of traffic to your sites. Search engine and marketing tactics get invented and improved all the time.

We only work with highly talented team members; experts in their field. You get to have some of the best piece of work on the web.

We pride ourselves on the amount we care about customer satisfaction. We work with you to give you exactly what you want and need; even if you don’t know how to express what you really want.

Our specialists are capable of handling all areas of web development and marketing. You don’t need to turn to any other company to complete the rest of your project. You have an idea for a new website? But don’t know all the details? We can consult with you to develop your idea. We can take that idea up into production and serve it to your customers.